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Communications • Mon, Oct 9 2017 at 10:35am
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Fertility/Infertility/Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART/IVF)


"I want to have children with you."

This simple, but meaningful phrase conveys in seven words the deep trust, love, and faith a Catholic married couple have in and for each other. But the desire for children is frequently thwarted by infertility. Life Giving Love, in an Age of Technology, in question-and-answer format, seeks to respond to current issues in reproductive technology-some that offer great hope, others that pose moral problems-and help Catholic couples fulfill their procreative potential and build a family.

There are many offerings in New Orleans that focus on God's design for the human body:

  • Gianna Center of the Gulf South — ProLife well-woman OB/GYN care including medical & surgical infertility treatment - medical & surgical, Creighton Model  Natural Family Planning
  • Hope Woman’s Clinic — Pro-life well-woman GYN care including medical infertiilty treatment, Creighton Model Natural Family Planning & Family of the Americas Natural Family Planning
  • Natural Family Planning methods in the Archdiocese that teach Fertility/Infertility Awareness

Prayer for those struggling with Infertility:

Mother of Christ, you were graced by God with the privilege of bearing our Divine Savior. You experienced the joys and challenges of being a parent. Your life was blessed with seeing Jesus grow from infancy and childhood, into his adult years of teaching a ministry. With St. Joseph, you created a home for your family to love and share together. Please intercede before the God of all life, that those struggling with infertility may conceive a baby and raise healthy children, with whom they can share the Lord’s good gifts. May their children honor them and You by lives of virtue and caring for others. May their home be holy and their family be blessed with health, happiness and abiding love. And for those for whom conceiving a child is not possible may their love for each other be fruitful. Help them not to become bitter when they encounter others who devalue life. May those who cannot give birth to a child see other ways in which they can give life to others. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen. (sources: Nine Day Prayer to St. Gerard & Catholic Prayers)


October 11 - Catholic Women's Infertility Support Group

You're Not Alone - Are you and your spouse currently experiencing the pain of infertility or the inability to maintain a pregnancy? There is support available! Come join us for a Catholic Women's Infertility Support Group, now being offered on the 2nd Wednesday of every month, 7pm - 8pm at St. George Catholic Church, 7808 St. George Drive, Baton Rouge. For more information, contact Julie at


For more information on Assisted Reproductive Technologies please visit NOLARespectLife and