"The Church in the Crescent"; Tricentennial Exhibit to open October 13

Sarah McDonald • Tue, Sep 26 2017 at 10:10am
The historic new orleans collection  gift of mr.  boyd cruise  1958

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The Old Ursuline Convent Museum will debut The Church in the Crescent: 300 Years of Catholicism in New Orleans on October 13 with a Tricentennial Gala Celebration and open to the public October 14.

This new exhibit shares the story of the St. Louis Church from its beginnings as a small wooden church to the present day iconic edifice. With photographs, portraits, letters, and incredibly preserved artifacts, the exhibit explores the rich history of the Catholic Church’s three centuries in the Crescent City. As St. Louis Cathedral is the seat of the local Catholic Church and the cradle of the faith in the Mississippi Delta, it is also the symbol of New Orleans, the embodiment of a history so intertwined as the city and the church. 

"The Tricentennial is a special time for the city of New Orleans, and our local Catholic Church,” said Dr. Emilie Gagnet Leumas, archdiocesan Archivist and Historian and curator of the exhibit. “There is no other entity in the city, no government, no business, nothing, that has been in New Orleans its entire 300 years, and for 300 years the faithful have worshipped where St. Louis Cathedral stands today. This exhibit shares this beautiful story that should be important to Catholics, citizens of New Orleans, and anyone visiting to get a unique aspect and real history of the church and the city.”

 Purcahse tickets to the Tricentennial Gala by clicking here  to purchase online or by calling (504) 525-9585 for more information.


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