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The Office of Information Technology, a unit of the Department of Financial and Administrative Services, provides secure service to the Schools, Parishes and Administrative departments of the Archdiocese of New Orleans, with Internet Access, E-mail, Web hosting, Network and Workstation support, and Firewall/Filtering services, while working toward a safe and wholesome environment for our users to do their research and communicate to other users.

We promote and support evangelization, by posting information and important announcements on the Archdiocesan website for the community to view. It is our mission to provide as much information as we can with regard to the many programs of the Archdiocese and Catholic organizations associated with the Archdiocese, to promote participation, evangelization and education.

Contact Us
  • Address: 1000 Howard Avenue
  • Address 2: Suite 700
  • City: New Orleans
  • State: LA
  • Zip: 70113
  • Phone: 504-596-3064
  • Fax: 504-566-9718
  • Email:

All offices, agencies, and schools are required to use the Office of Information Technology Internet Service.  This service is a secure and content filtered internet access that fosters safe environment for our students and employees.  We utilize business/enterprise grade circuits to provide our internet access to the sites of the archdiocese.  We offer a wide variety of connectivity speeds and can discuss all available options with each site as requested.  Our internet service is transported via a secure connection(Layer 2 or VPN) back to our data center to be passed through our firewall for security and content filtering.  We presently deliver over 30 million web pages per day to our users across 200 sites and 50,000 end users.  The features of our internet service include the following:

  1. Enterprise grade internet circuit
  2. Enterprise grade router(i.e., Cisco)
  3. Enterprise firewall security
  4. Enterprise & Catholic focused internet content filtering with a primary focus on fostering safe environment compliance.   
  5. WAN Circuit monitoring for outages.
  6. DNS services 
  7. Troubleshooting and repair of the WAN circuit

This service covers a typical Wide Area Network(WAN) service that extends from the public internet/data center to the border of the local sites LAN.  As this illustration depicts the WAN circuits are seperate from a sites LAN.  At a minimum we can troubleshoot/repair issues to the WAN border.  LAN troubleshooting and assistance services would fall under ArchTAP. 

We have various different email account types:

Level Price Size/Features
Basic $.75 per month 300 MB – Basic POP3/IMAP/WEB/MAPI
Platinum $3 per month 500 MB
1 GB $5 per month 1 GB
2 GB $8 per month 2 GB

*All accounts come standard with POP3/IMAP/WEB/MAPI access.


AirSync $2.50 per month

*AirSync let's you use your smart phone featues with your email account.

All email accounts are Spam/Virus filtered with the award winning Barracuda Spam Firewall and archived for 3 years for legal/e-discovery purposes.

Email Settings:


  1. Outlook 2010
  2. Webmail/Pronto

iOS Mobile Configs:

  1. ANO Email
  2. Ano Email (Airsync)

POP3/IMAP Settings:

  • Incoming mail server:
  • Login:
  • Password: your_email_password

SMTP Settings:

  • Outgoing SMTP Server:
  • Port: 587
  • Use TLS: Yes
  • Type: Password
  • Account name:
  • Password: your_email_password

Click here for webmail.

ArchTAP, or the Archdiocese Technical Assistance Program is a service from the Archdiocese IT Department which is designed to assist Archdiocesan Parishes, Schools & Offices with their computers, printers and email (to name a few).  ArchTAP can also support more advanced components of a computer network such as servers, wireless, routers and switches.  For organizations that already have a technology staff, ArchTAP can also be used for consulting and troubleshooting.  Whatever technology trouble you’re facing, ArchTAP is here to help.

ArchTAP is affordable

There are two service tiers of ArchTAP:

  1. $55 per service hour under contract (minimum of 2 hours per week).  Ideal for organizations which require weekly ongoing maintenance and assistance.
  2. $70 per service hour with no contract.  Ideal for organizations which only require occasional assistance.

Additionally, both tiers are pro-rated to the ½ hour.  Initial consultation is no charge.

How to sign up for ArchTAP

For more information on ArchTAP, please call the Archdiocese IT Department at 504-596-3064, or use our contact form here.

Destiny Library Manager is your complete 21st century library solution

Destiny Library Manager combines library circulation, cataloging, searching, reporting and management into one centrally installed school library software system. Your school can trust Destiny Library Manager to help enhance the library’s important role as a school’s information and collaboration center.  Your students and faculty patrons access the system through any workstation with a supported web browser, through your district’s network and the Internet. Destiny Library Manager provides a stable, reliable library automation system that bridges the gap between the library and classroom.

ANO District Destiny Pricing

  • Destiny Library Manager - $2500 per school (list $4300)
  • Yearly renewal after first year - $700
  • ANO Hosting Fee - $250 ($350 for site not on ANO network)
  • WebPath Express Subscription – SALE $249.50 per site/per year through June 30, 2014 (Reg. $499.00 per site/per year)
  • Reading Program AR/RC - $399.00 with renewal of $199.00 per year starting year 2
  • Standards Subscription -SALE $249.50 per site/per year through June 30, 2014 (Reg. $499 per site/per year)

Find more information at:

The Office of IT will be glad to provide your Parish, School or Office remote vpn access to your computer(s)/network.

For more information or to request vpn access, please click here.

What is WiFi hosting?

WiFi hosting allows you to provide wireless internet access throughout your campus without having to bother searching for the latest & greatest technologies to use or even how to set it up and use it.  

The Archdiocese of New Orleans, Office of IT WiFi hosting is a total turnkey solution!

Pricing Archdiocesan Schools Archdiocesan Parishes/Agencies
Per Access Point $100 $375
Monthly maintenance fee $8 per access point $8 per access point
Installation fee waived $100

For more information, please click here.