First ever Olive Mass set for Monday at St. Louis Cathedral

Communications • Thu, Sep 22 2016 at 12:23pm


For the first time, the Catholic Church in America will have a national gathering to honor, bless, encourage and inspire people involved in the food and hospitality industry. Come and meet national and internationally recognized chefs who turn their food into real blessings for their families, communities, and our global human family. Specially featured guests are Chefs for Peace, a non-profit group of Christian, Jewish and Muslim Chefs who work and cook together to foster peace and brotherhood in the Middle East.

The Olive Mass is Monday, September 26 at 10 am at St. Louis Cathedral. 

This year, the Chair Persons for this Special Event are Chef John Besh and his wife Jenifer, Board Member of The Table Foundation. To read about how faith impacts the lives of celebrity Chef John Besh and his wife Jennifer, read Peter Finney's latest Clarion Herald column, For John and Jennifer Besh, a Bountiful Retreat.

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